Yogifusion . The Idea

The Idea

My vision building done is to enable talented, invited Brand Sales Ambassadors with the means to launch an online Yoga business web shop with a professional, studio presence.

In doing so I discovered an untapped industry market opportunity in the Athleisure space. The creation of an exciting new Athleisure sales revenue channel, done +.

With this comes the opportunity for Yoga Brand Sales Ambassadors to generate a new income stream. A percentage of each affiliate Athleisure sales goes to each Brand Sales Ambassadors; its a win win for the Athleisure companies and the Brand Sales Ambassadors.

Athleisure companies gain the opportunity to capture Sales Revenue previously left on the table. Direct sales, mobile, on location, Ambassador endorsed Athleisure products promoted at classes directly to Athleisure companies customer base.

I hope you are as excited about this opportunity as I am.

Brad Franklin
Founder and Managing Director
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